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Your Business on the Web

We start with fundamentals like these:

  • Who are you trying to reach?
  • In what ways does your business need to be on the web?
  • What should your website achieve?
  • How can we measure its success?

Result? A stunning, effective presence on the web!

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One of the nicest things a website can do for a business is take payments!

We build simple, effective payment forms that work perfectly with your chosen payment tools, which in turn helps maximise your eCommerce revenue.

One of the best things about having a website is that it can put money in your company bank account for you while you're sleeping, out having fun, or whatever you're doing!

There are a variety of eCommerce 'payment gateways' with some more simple to set up than others. If you're not committed to a particular payment company, we can help you choose a high quality, cost-effective option, but we can work with pretty much any payment gateway you have.

Security is vital when it comes to taking money from people so we ensure you (and we) are never liable, never take or hold credit card details, and look after all other data to industry standard levels. This means you can assure your customers/clients/etc that they can safely give you their money!

E-money, payments

Data Analysis

You have a mass of data, perhaps from several sources. You're sure there's useful information hidden in it, but nothing you do makes that information clear.

This is when our Data Analysis methods can help you:

  • Visualise your data more clearly
  • Understand how data is related
  • Make predictions and understand trends
  • Spot warning signs

all of which helps you plan effectively.

Data analysis charts

Free Site Audit

If you already have a website, we'll do a free audit of your site, looking for ways to improve it, like how we can push it up the Google search results, how we can make your site load faster, how we can adjust your site to earn you more money, and so on.

Contact us via the enquiries form below and we'll get started.

And remember, the full site audit isFREE!

Free Site Audit

Why Choose Bertram + Bean?

We in Bertram + Bean have been working in the software industry and data analysis for over 20yrs. We were putting sites on the web before most people even knew the web existed, in the mid-90s. We built eCommerce systems when PayPal was new and other standard payment gateways didn't even exist. The same is also true of our work in Data Visualisation, Data Cleansing, Machine Learning etc — and yet we stay on the cutting edge.

Yet we have very reasonable

Each of our pieces of work is lovingly crafted, even single-page 'placeholder' sites are made to a much higher standard than you might normally see. We can connect your site to pretty much any payment gateway. We can find and illustrate patterns in your data that others may miss.

We love what we do and love the happiness in our clients when they take ownership of what we've built for them!

Bertram + Bean

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