Just how amazing are we?

Sun Microsystems (research)

sun microsystems logo

This was a special research project for Sun Microsystems (as was). Using state-of-the-art machine learning, we wrote a system that predicted where they would find programming bugs in their operating system kernel.

grŵpgwyn (publishing)

grwpgwyn publisher screenshot

This simple website was designed from the ground up, including all market research, branding, web design and site construction. In this case we also wrote all the copy and provided much of the other media too.

JSL (updating a site)

jsl battleproms screenshot

JSL run types of concerts and we were brought in to fix up and maintain their existing websites and ticketing systems. We were asked not to re-design their sites, but we were able to tighten up the existing designs. We also help run their email promotions campaign.

St Peter's Centre (pro bono work)

st peters centre screenshot

St. Peter's Centre is a community centre based in St. Peter's church, Peterchurch, Nr. Hereford. The challenge with this job was to design a look that was clean and modern, with fun and warmth running through it. It also important not to rely on any Christian imagery since the centre is open to the whole community.

Cecily Plum (online shop)

cecily plum screenshot

The task here was to create a modern e-commerce website that nevertheless had a slightly up-market 'boutique' feel. The site had to feel comfortable to use for the target market (pregnant and new mums) but still have clear calls to action to maximise the site's conversion rate. This site has recently closed down, but it's still something we're very proud to have created, so it remains here in our portfolio.

Pili Pala (social media)

pili pala screenshot

Your website is full of stories and events that matter, things that people find interesting. They want to share those things; to talk about them, and to engage with what you're doing.

We'll help set up the tools to do that.