#3 Communicate

Reaching the people out there

Website 'Copy'

Although the content of the website is entirely yours (because you're the experts), we can help advise you on the sort of things that should be front-and-centre.

These days, it's vital to build great content — text and media that casual website users will find interesting, which nonetheless say a lot about who you are and what you do. Failure to do this successfully will make it a lot less likely that your site will rank well in the search engines, so no one will find you! We'll help you make your content shine.

Social Media

Engaging with your audience, not talking at them about new products.

There's a lot of good stuff going on in your organisation. We'll help you get your message onto your website in a way that your audience will be interested enough to share it with their friends.

We'll show you how you can use Twitter, Facebook and a blog together to really talk to and learn from your audience. It's not just about telling them stuff (do you like hearing about some company's new products?) it's about conversation.

We have over four years experience in social media and can help you open up the lines of communication up with your audience.


While not strictly 'communicating', analysing the way people interact with your site can tell you a lot about your audience. And once you understand who's coming to your site — who they are and what they like — you can tailor your presentation to them and make sure your message meets their needs.