About Us

Get to know us

We're Boffins

We've been trained to do research properly, so much so that we've all got PhDs. Seriously.

If you need to know about the latest trends in your business area; some metrics for your charity, or how many people your project can reach, we can do that for you, easily.

But it's not just background reading. We've cutting-edge machine learning research for Sun Microsystems, we've read up on (and then built) artificial immune systems, genetic algorithms, bioinformatics systems, simulated robotics, and provided reports on the financial markets.

We're also always learning about the things we do. We're in touch with the state of the art in all the things we do, and we take the best of it to make things work for you.

We're People

At the moment, there are two of us — plus a number of others who work on any given project.

Simon used to be an artist and graphic designer, a bit of a musician, and then went to work as a computer programmer. He found he needed to know more, so he could get really good, so he went to university and got a good BSc and a PhD. His research was in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. He's been designing and coding websites since 1995. He loves SF, tea and soft toffee mini rolls.

Joanne went straight to university from school. She got a BSc in Geography, then an MSc and PhD in Computer Science. Her research was in robotics and she devised a new type of robot controller. Then she had two little boys and, while bored, set up a maternity clothes company, which she ran for three years before passing it on to others. She knows all about social media and marketing. She loves walks in the rain, John Denver [gaah! ed.] and chocolate cream buns.

We're Artists

When we're not working, what do we do? Well ...

Simon writes books and is beginning to make a name for himself (well he *does* write books for adults about a teddy bear, which kind of gets attention.)

Joanne does all kind of crafting, from crazy patchwork, to crochet to beading. She loves that stuff.